Wear One

Grace Graupe-Pillard

oil, alkyd, on wood W: 36" H: 48" D: 1.5"


Artist Statement:

My working process is intriguing. I do not try to mimic my source photographs, but attempt to look at the face’s shapes and forms blankly as if they were bits of puzzle pieces that I must join together to make a person whole – one with a heart that thrashes and comes to life; a presence that reveals secrets of humanity in a moment of time resulting in a truth that was once unseeable. WEAR ONE – a self-portrait referencing the Covid Pandemic is painted with a similar intention.

I love the not-knowing-ness that my mind forges; all that I observe is a void and I attempt to be the magician that awakens the landscape of a particular face where there are hills, valleys, crevices, sunlight peeking through, shadows the color of midnight blue darkening areas, and when I am finished I hope to have captured a spark of breath that can be both bitter and sweet.

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