Pyramid Skin 3 (Louise)

Milcah Bassel

laminate casting of pigmented abaca fiber W: 24" H: 47" D: 3"

Not for Sale

Artist Statement:

Through my work I explore the phenomenological and subtle body as it entwines with culturally generated systems and structures. In the studio, I relish and labor in repetitive, cumulative, material processes, resulting in installations and performances that continue to emerge through the physical and spiritual engagement of others.
In the series Pyramid Skin, the realms of body, architecture, and landscape, are collapsed into a singular continuum. The work converses with the porousness and cellularity of skin, while utilizing the material specificity of paper. Structure and surface become inextricable, rendering the paper its own body rather than substrate for extraneous marks and messages. Pyramid Skin 3 (Louise), is named for the monumental artist Louise Bourgeois, as the series offers homage to a lineage of influential female thinkers and makers. The wall hung pieces are pelt-sized and intended also as performative wearables.

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