Orange You Glad to See Me: Baggage Cart

Theda Sandiford

Hollow braided polyurethane rope, gold 850 and neon orange 850 paracord, and neon orange zip tie blanket and solar LED lights on a gold spray painted recovered shopping cart. W: 35" H: 43" D: 40"


Artist Statement:

We all carry emotional baggage. This manifests differently for each of us. Some push shopping carts of pain and bitterness while some of us carry a tote bag. How we choose to handle our baggage makes a difference. We have a choice to let it define us or to let it go and move forward as a form of active resistance.

My Emotional Baggage Carts are vessels for racial trauma. Each baggage cart serves… to separate myself from the daily experience of microaggressions and create a new possibility for myself, free from the constraints of implicit bias.

Microaggressions are subtle, intentional — and oftentimes unintentional — everyday interactions or behaviors that communicate hostile, or derogatory racial messages or assumptions toward historically marginalized groups.

The difference between microaggressions and overt discrimination, is that people who commit microaggressions are often unaware they are doing these things – and if you point it out to them, they say, “That wasn’t my intention, you are being too sensitive.” Which is yet another microaggression.

The weight of these daily interactions underpins very real consequences… stress, anger, frustration, self-doubt and ultimately feelings of powerlessness and invisibility.

Each recovered shopping cart is woven with polyurethane rope, paracord, grocery bags, rope lights, beads, fabric, bottle caps and a protective zip tie blanket.

For me, my Emotional Baggage Carts are a release, for other people, they are an opportunity to look within and recognize the emotional baggage you, yourself are carrying.

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