Mother Child (DM2)

Michelle Doll

Oil on Paper Mounted on Panel W: 7.25" H: 13" D: 2"

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Artist Statement:

No more than 25, I’m attracted to the physical and metaphysical energy that exists between individuals who share a deep connection: the touch between a couple, the closeness between a mother and child. These transient flashes of human contact hold meaning in the creases, crevices, overlaps, folds and weight of connecting bodies. I experience each brush stroke as a way of recording both the physical body and the invisible mental dialogue during a private moment. In scrutinizing these deep human feelings, I evoke an intimate connection of the mind, body, and soul through the tactile substance of paint.
These paintings are meditations for me to be present with the positive aspects of love and connection. The work is about real people who share honest feelings of connection, and it is work that feels deeply meaningful to me. To that end, I paint people I personally know, who feel intimate love and true connection with each other. My objective is to preserve significant memories within the emotional dialogue of two bonding individuals. Above all, I want to fill my own life with the positive energy of love, and these painted meditations on intimacy are a way to be present with those sensations.

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