Jersey Fresh Jam 2021

Ricardo Barros

360-Degree Photograph W: 30" H: 24" D: 1"

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Artist Statement:

“Jersey Fresh Jam, 2021” is from my portfolio of 360-degree panoramas. I make a series of still pictures from a single point while rotating my camera full circle, encompassing everything visible on the horizon. The view includes everything top to bottom, too. Then I seamlessly stitch these images into a single, flattened photograph

This work challenges our understanding of composition. The first step in composing an artwork is to determine what it will include. Where does one place the edge of the frame? But here there are no edges beyond which elements are excluded. There is no top or bottom to a scene, and there are no sides. Everything is included. Whatever the revolving lens sees is visible in the final picture. Composition is determined by the choice of a single point in space.

Seventy or more shots comprise one panorama, so my photographs are made over time. A person photographed at one location may reappear at a different location in a later shot. Yet, in the finished photograph, duplicated people appear to be concurrently present.

Although I didn’t intend for it to be so, these panoramas can be interpreted to illustrate the entanglement of time and space. That is, time can be bent just as space can be shaped. This abstract, scientific fact has found a comfortable resting place in my photographs.

To some degree, all photographs are about storytelling. I like to think that my 360’s tell a story with a nonlinear narrative. All elements are present, but it is left to each viewer to assemble his or her own sequence and interpretation.

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