Daniela Puliti

Mixed media on vintage doily W: 10" H: 10"


Artist Statement:

I create Feminist, craft-based, mixed media paintings and installations that explore gender, sexuality, vulnerability, body image, and mental health through color, pattern, and humor.

In my installation work, I seek to create soft walls that act as an emotional divider while beckoning a closeness and desire of touch. A recurring motif in my work is of a central hole in my tapestries. This hole is meant to operate on multiple levels as a glory hole or peep hole, as a mouth, as a vagina, and/or as a portal for energy to pass through. In the beginning of my exploration, these hangings were very densely woven with a small hole in the middle. Over time as I incorporated a variety of weaving techniques (crochet, needle-tatting, knitting) and patterns, these works became more and more lacy and open. I attribute this as a metaphor for emotional openness and willingness to be vulnerable.

The painted pieces comprise a collage of fabrics, acrylic paint, glitter, and other craft ephemera challenging the hierarchical Western notions of painting. The inspiration of these works are at the cross section of the classic Feminist short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” and the 1999 film “But I’m a Cheerleader”. The illusionistic space within these mixed media pieces explore a psychological undercurrent at the same time excavate and unearth trauma to the surface.

The bridge between these two modalities is the idea of soft, emotional walls both as defense mechanisms and protective boundaries.

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