Eye Wipe

Ruby Jackson

Solvent Transfer Print W: 17" H: 13" D: 1"


Artist Statement:

Looking to upend a material hierarchy with form and tradition, as well as notions of what deserves space and attention, I work with traditional, found and discarded materials. Invested in the tangible and eager to converse materially first, the work often demonstrates a curiosity of how surfaces, tracers and marks can act as information carriers and signal imprints of gesture. Aspects of my work are situated in ambiguity and explore elaborations of drawing and gesture. Straddling legibility and abstruseness, the forms remain somewhat muddled and unplaceable, though often, referencing botanical motifs and figurative forms. Similarly in-between, the processes frequently involve both analog and high tech modes of making. This aspect of ‘being both’ is significant and signals an offering of a sliding continuum for the work, where ‘mismatch’ is embraced, and unequal symmetries can thrive.

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