Connected Rings, One

Scott R. Madison

Aluminum W: 10" H: 13" D: 10"


Artist Statement:

This cabinet is made from solid aluminum flats. The drawers, in this case four, rotate around an internal shaft. The interior of each drawer is milled away and the exteriors have milled and sanded decorative patterns.
The piece is part of the tradition of decorated furniture although the functionality is not obvious. I like using shape and light to obscure function so that my boxes appear more sculptural than functional, thus shifting the boundaries between sculpture and craft.
I have made sculptural objects from steel, stainless steel, bronze and aluminum in sizes varying from pieces that you can hold in one hand to some six feet tall. Many are formed from sheets with shapes pressed into them, then shaped, cut and welded together in an additive process. Others, like this piece, start as a box and are cut, milled and sanded into shape.
Though I love nature, objects formed by human hands fascinate me more. I have chosen to work in metals because I like the durability, the feel, the visual presence and the large variety of techniques available to form them.

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