Peak Streamflow/Climate Markers: Passaic

Peak Streamflow is a visual representation of changes in annual rainfall and temperature along the Passaic River since 1898. The form of the post is defined by measurements made by a nearby USGS water gauge that calculates how much water is coursing through the Passaic River, a tidal body of water that regularly floods and […]

The 14th Day of Summer

The Every Second Counts/Days series uses short strokes and “scribbled” line to build up form in response to the light and daily seasonal changes.. This composition also can approximate music in that it is built of marks of color drawn with varying strengths, speeds and emphasis much like musical notes and tones or the way […]

Untitled (Caret)

During the pandemic, I underwent a period of complete creative block, the worst I’ve ever experienced, lasting more than a year. I would sit in my studio, trying to find the work again, but blank computer files and sketchbook pages just stared back at me. This piece, a recreation of a text-input cursor, is both […]

“Phoneprints’ from “Dead Ringers: Portraits of abandoned payphones” series

“Phoneprints” from “Dead Ringers: Portraits of abandoned payphones” series: I am a New Jersey-based photographer trained in several traditional formats as well as digital photography. My interests typically explore visual stories that arise from the random interaction and juxtapositions of people, everyday found objects, and moments within those environments. For this series, I set aside […]

(re) align

I was twenty years old when my mother left my father. My world, where my parents would forever be a coupled support, was shattered. From that moment I have been trying to stitch the fragments back together, to embrace the discord, to make my life whole. The differences between my parents would become my impetus […]

Questionable Value

My propensity for creating artwork with multiple components rather than a single monolithic structure means I can build large works while still providing human scale. My interest in using materials that are considered disposable by society has found its way into many of my past installations. I admired the illustrations in this crumbling 3000 page […]

Mother Child (DM2)

No more than 25, I’m attracted to the physical and metaphysical energy that exists between individuals who share a deep connection: the touch between a couple, the closeness between a mother and child. These transient flashes of human contact hold meaning in the creases, crevices, overlaps, folds and weight of connecting bodies. I experience each […]

Buddha Twins

In 2004, I travelled to Northern India to photograph Tibetan buddhist monasteries around Dharamsala, home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile. Years later, revisiting the portrait of the western nun and monk in Buddha Twins, I was struck by their identical expression, although their photograph was taken at a different time and location. […]

Black Sundial Rev 1.2

I like to create situational ironies that arise from combinations of materials or ideas. These might occur internally in a sculpture, or through a theatrical installation where a relationship between objects or performed subjects is constructed. Humor is there, but perhaps now a bit more restrained than in my past work, and certainly darker. My […]

Indio, California

For the last several years I have devoted myself to completing various personal photographic projects. My method of working is to approach these projects with minimal preconceptions. Working intuitively, and leaving myself open to the vagaries of the street, have allowed me to respond quickly to the immediacy of experience. The resulting pictured probably won’t […]

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