Black Sundial Rev 1.2

Nick De Pirro

Welded Steel W: 18" H: 72" D: 24"


Artist Statement:

I like to create situational ironies that arise from combinations of materials or ideas. These might occur internally in a sculpture, or through a theatrical installation where a relationship between objects or performed subjects is constructed. Humor is there, but perhaps now a bit more restrained than in my past work, and certainly darker. My taste for material and minimal color persists, but the minimal approach, which I always preferred, has sometimes given way to more extravagant forms.

I am interested in making a sculpture that nobody wants, and prefer a reckless or idiotic gesture. I want always to do the thing that should not be done, rather than achieving something that might be done. In the end, I am a conceptual artist with an affinity for materials and things, who wants an artwork to misbehave.

This sculpture is from a series of welded steel objects that represent abstracted apocalyptic machinery, doomsday devices, reactors, or polytheistic fetishes such as those created for Anubis in Egypt. They are minimal forms with slight variations; a set of identical bases with different gnomon (sundial blade) shapes that insert into a machined groove. The gnomon might be read as plumes, decoration, or glyphs, with only an implied function to detect an unknown force.

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