A Great Leap Forward

Kevin Monko

Photo on archival enhanced matte paper W: 22" H: 22" D: 1"

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Artist Statement:

When the pandemic struck, and all of my photo jobs were suddenly gone, I was looking for a productive and fulfilling way to spend my days.
I made an offer on social media that I’d come to your house, photograph your family from the driver’s seat of my car, and send you high resolution images to use as you please. If you wanted to donate any amount to the project, you could, but if you chose not to, or couldn’t afford it for whatever reason, the offer still stood.
I enjoyed the challenge of the limited perspective and always came away satisfied with what we were able to capture. As people were hunkering down in their homes, I expected to be photographing a little more anxiety, if not despair, but the fact that people had something fun and different to do was often more likely to elicit the joy, even goofiness, that appears in many of the images.
While most people I know were locked in their homes, I was lucky to be out seeing friends and meeting new people daily, albeit from 30 to 100 feet away.

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