Exhibition Notes

Peak Streamflow/Climate Markers: Passaic

Adriane Colburn

The 14th Day of Summer

James Pustorino

Untitled (Caret)

Jeff Thompson

“Phoneprints’ from “Dead Ringers: Portraits of abandoned payphones” series

Amy Becker

(re) align

Caroline Burton

Questionable Value

Kate Dodd

Mother Child (DM2)

Michelle Doll

Buddha Twins

Franck Lazare Goldberg

Black Sundial Rev 1.2

Nick De Pirro

Indio, California

Ed Peters

Connected Rings, One

Scott R. Madison

Nantuxent Creek Inlet, Money Island, NJ

Michael Froio

Pyramid Skin 3 (Louise)

Milcah Bassel

Wedding Ring

Kenneth MacBain


Erin Nowak

Eye Wipe

Ruby Jackson

A Great Leap Forward

Kevin Monko


Daniela Puliti

Seneca Lake

Lauren Rosenthal McManus

Stealing Shade

Jon Logan

Untitled #6 (Young at Heart)

Ed Maximus

Evening at the Elgin

Jeff Gola


Sung Ho Choi


James Aloysius Mullen

Wear One

Grace Graupe-Pillard

Jersey Fresh Jam 2021

Ricardo Barros

Orange You Glad to See Me: Baggage Cart

Theda Sandiford

March 1994

Raymond E. Mingst

My Own Witness: Rupture and Repair.Aya.1

Donna Bassin

Officially Void

Dong Kyu Kim

Yellow Flowers

Margaret Murphy

I touch Joey’s hair for the first time

Nicole Schwartz

Fight, Fuck, Die, and Kittens

Matthew Feuer


Suzanne Kammin Baron

Metallic 2

Gerald Slota

In a short time a group of Indians did break the doors and enter the court house. (Custer, S. Dak., 1973)

Casey Ruble

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